Z Website Advertising - Marine Military Expos


Let Marines see what you have to offer before, during, and after the event by placing your ad on the MDM website.

  • Leaderboard ads will appear at the top of website pages.
  • Footer ads will appear on the bottom of website pages.
  • Interstitial ads will appear between two pages (ex: when a user goes from the home page to the schedule page).
  • Navigation menu ads appear in the drop down menu for Modern Day Marine site navigation.

Leaderboard Ad (728×90) – $2,500/month | 3 available
Leaderboard Ad (728×90) –  $2,000/3+ months | 1 available
Footer Ad (728×90) – $1,500/month | 3 available
Footer Ad (728×90) – $1,125/3+ months | 1 available
Navigation menu ads (500×154) – $2,000/month | 3 available
Navigation menu ads (500×154) – $1,750/3+ months | 1 available
Interstitial ads (600×400) – $1050/week (if booking more than one week new creative must be used each week) | Exclusive | 8 Available

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Note: Ads are due one week prior to their start date. Interstitial ads are due two weeks prior to their start date.


Contact a member of our sales team to reserve your sponsorship:

Jaymie Nielsen