Keynote Speaker

Brigadier General Patrik Gardesten, Deputy Chief of Swedish Navy

Present Assignment
2022 Deputy Chief of Swedish Navy

Previous Assignments
2021–2022 Head of Defence Plan, Policy & Plans Department
2018–2021 Commanding Officer Stockholm Marine Regiment
2016–2017 Head of J3 Operations Division, Joint Forces Command
2014–2015 JOC DIRECTOR J3 Operations Division, Joint Forces Command
2013 DCO SWECON FS 25/COO/ACOS S3 NB TSU Afghanistan
2010–2013 CO 2nd Marine Battalion
2009 DCO 2nd Marine Battalion
2008 Battalion CO SWECON TD 01F Tchad

2004–2006 Command course, National Defence College, Sweden
2004 Joint Maritime Course 04/ACOS Operations CLF Northern
2003 Light 03/ ACOS Operations CLF

2022 Brigadier General
2016 Colonel
2008 Lieutenant Colonel
2001 Major
1998 Captain
1994 Lieutenant
1991 Second Lieutenant

Other appointments
2019 Royal Society of Naval Sciences Board member
2017 Royal Swedish Academy of Warfare Sciences Board member


Tuesday 30 April 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM


Tun Tavern: Salons A-C

The Allies & Partners Luncheon at Modern Day Marine offers a unique platform for U.S. Marines and other active-duty service members to engage with international partners and allies. This exclusive event provides a crucial opportunity to gain insights from senior officials, fostering a deeper understanding of the collaborative efforts shaping the future of our strategic partnerships. Attendees can expect a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives, solidifying the bonds that contribute to the strength and unity of our global alliances.

Indo-Pacom Panel

Protecting the Freedom of the Global Maritime Commons
Main Briefing Center April 30 at 2:00 PM

Major General Arturo Rojas, Philippine Marine Corps, Commandant of the Philippine Marine Corps

Brigadier General Byeon Yo-Hwan, Republic of Korea Marine Corps, Director, Force Plans Directorate

Australian Representative

Japanese Representative

Indonesian Representative


Littorals in the High North
Main Briefing Center May 1 at 1:30 PM

Captain Veli-Petteri Valkamo, Finnish Navy, National Liaison Representative to HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation NATO

Colonel Manuel Thomeer, Netherlands Marine Corps, Head of Netherlands Marine Corps Force Design Programme

Brigadier General Trond Haande, Norwegian Army, CG Army Warfare Center

Brigadier General Patrik Gardesten, Swedish Navy, Deputy Chief of Navy

Brigadier Chris Haw MC, Royal Marines, Deputy Director Acquisition and Senior Responsible Owner of the Commando Force Programme

Moderator – MajGen Jason Morris, Director, Operations Division, PP&O

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