Booth Waiver Request

DEADLINE: September 4, 2015 A BOOTH WAIVER IS NOT REQUIRED IF YOU ARE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE EMERALD EXPOSITIONS BOOTH CONSTRUCTION AND DISPLAY GUIDELINES THAT ARE PUBLISHED IN THE EXHIBITOR SERVICE MANUAL. Booth waivers are issued to exhibitors that have booth designs that do not comply with the Emerald Expositions Booth Construction & Display Guidelines that are published in the Show Rules and Regulations in the Exhibitor Service Manual. Requests for a booth waiver must be reviewed and approved by Show Management. In order to review your request and to issue a booth waiver, Show Management will need the following information:

1. Complete and submit this online Booth Waiver Request Form by September 4, 2015.
2. Attach a diagram of your booth that is “to scale.” Your booth diagram should be clearly marked “Modern 2. Day Marine 2015” and include the exhibiting company name, booth number, contact name and phone 2. number.
3. If your request for a booth waiver is approved, you will be notified via e-mail. You will need to bring a 
4. printed copy of the approval e-mail on-site to inform contractors, floor managers, or other exhibitors that 3. your booth waiver has been approved.
5. If any other modifications are made to your booth or if the design changes in any way other than what is 4. outlined in your booth waiver request, you must request another booth waiver from Show Management.

For questions or additional information, please contact Andrea Nielson, by phone at (949) 226-5732 or by e-mail at

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